Kulinarian.com Users Asked For A New Website... So We Built It

November 30, 2015

We’re happy to announce that the features our users have been asking for are finally live and ready to use. The first thing you will immediately notice is the entire site design, layout, and style has been completely redone.

The original version of Kulinarian.com was built by a software developer who is clueless about design (that would be me). So I worked with a professional UX designer and artist to give kulinarians a beautifully designed website and experience. We hope you like it.

Next, we totally rebuilt the Recipe Editing tool. Kulinarians did not like our existing tool. They felt it was too complex and it had too many editing fields that made the process feel clunky and slow. So to fix this issue, we dramatically simplified the editor to allow users to enter their recipe ingredients and steps into only two separate fields, which is a huge improvement over the previous editor’s countless inputs.

Recipe Editor

We also completely rebuilt the recipe tagging tool. We tried to make the tag editing methods much simpler and easier to understand.

Recipe Tagging

Another big feature we’re proud of is our brand new recipe search engine. We totally rebuilt our search engine to do a better job of helping you find recipes by keywords, ingredients, and tags.

Recipe Searching

Recipe ratings were another confusing feature for our website. So we did what we should have done in the first place, which is create a simple five star rating system that users would be familiar with. We still use our advanced algorithms on the backend to ensure the best recipes are shown first, but all of that is now hidden from the users and replaced with the 5 star system everyone knows and loves.

We also upgraded the “Menu” tool to make it easier to organize your recipes into “menus” or collections.

So let us know what you think about the new site and keep an eye out for more new features coming soon.